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Green New Deal Tshirt

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Freshman Representative AOC has come blazing into Congress with a warning of the Earth’s demise in 12 years.
AOC has the solution, trillions of taxpayer dollars and banning air travel and cows!

Live it up, time is short!


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Product Description

NOTE: All items are custom printed by humans as ordered and may contain imperfections in the prints. The beauty of our process is that no two prints are identical. This is what makes Politiflops LLC garments special. Our printing process is not finite. There may be variations in color, graphic size and at times, spotting. Most color spotting will wash out within a few wash and dry cycles.

To ensure the quality and integrity of your new garments, we suggest washing them prior to wearing on machine wash cold with like colors, inside out with the printed side in. Tumble dry with like colors.

Premium 100% Polyester


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